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Activities at Cedar Manor

Residents are not bound to a rigid schedule. You're free to follow your own schedule and do your own thing. However, we encourage group activities in order to stimulate senses and build friendships. A retirement village is the perfect place to forge friendships that'll edify, encourage and challenge.

Activities are largely determined by Cedar Manor residents, but the following should give you an idea of what regularly happens at our retirement home.


  • Chess
  • Bridge
  • Poker
  • Building Meccano sets
  • Building Puzzles


  • Themed evenings
  • Music therapy twice per day for an hour
  • Breathing and stretching exercises and walking
  • Dancing during music therapy sessions
  • Knitting and crocheting
  • Singing, movies nights
Group Activities
Activities at Cedar Manor

Group exercises and singing

building puzzles or Lego

Puzzles and Lego